5 Replies to “Contest #296 hint”

  1. “A milestone for Gary”, it’s a private joke?

    for us (for me) new gamers, it’s chinese to me as we say in french…?!

  2. 41°56’29.89″N 12°46’32.48″E
    Villa Adriana.

    Do not understand how I missed this, since I have been searching extensively both in Italy and on World Heritage sites. But this is how it sometimes is…

  3. Make sure that you go into street-view mode to really appreciate the remainders of this beautiful site!

  4. @krenek:
    At the right hand side of this page near the bottom, you will find a link to the website of Gary Arndt, the founder of this game.
    I am sure you’ll find some more info there that will lead you to the solution of this contest 🙂

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