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  1. Île de Boëdic, Séné, France (for sale)
    47°36’54.06″N 2°46’50.53″W

  2. L’île de Boëdic, a private island that was purchased by late French criminal lawyer Olivier Metzner, who’s body was found floating there on 17 March 2013. Located in the Golfe du Morbihan, Département Morbihan, Bretagne, France (47.615,-2.780)

  3. Google image search found it, from various angles !.

    The estate of the late Paris barrister, Olivier Metzner.
    He committed suicide in March there, but it was advertised for sale since November 2012.

    The estate being , Île de Boëdic , Boedic Isle, La Golf du Morbihan, 500 metres for the shore of commune Lagle, Brittany, France

  4. boëdic island, near vannes, france, 47.614901 -2.780271

    i don’t know yet if the very well-known lawyer olivier metzner could sell his island or not (it was on the market for months now)

  5. i think i took the wrong mailadress yesterday
    just for sure:
    47° 36′ 53.19″ N
    2° 46′ 47.25″ W

  6. Île de Boëdic, Séné, Morbihan, Brittany, France….
    ook a while to find, I’d happily live there!

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