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  1. Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard
    Staten Island, NY
    40°33’19.81″N 74°13’0.17″W

  2. Witte Marine Salvage aka Staten Island Ship Graveyard located at 2453 Arthur Kill Road, Rossville, Staten Island, New York, USA (40.556,-74.217)

  3. Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard, west side of Staten Island, New York State

  4. Lat: 40°33’21.18″N
    Lon: 74°13’0.13″W
    This is the Witte Marine Scrapyard now officially known as the Donjon Iron and Metal Scrap Processing Facility, Rossville, Staten Island, New York.

  5. One of the ship graveyards around Staten Island, NY,
    at 40°33’21.07″N 74°13’3.35″W

  6. Donjon Marine Yard in Rossville, Staten Island.
    40°33’20.35″N 74°13’02.83″W

  7. Donjon Marine Yard, Rossville, Staten Island, NY, United States

  8. staten island ship graveyard at arthur kill rd, 40.555825 -74.217142

  9. Rossville,
    Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, New York State, USoA

    They don’t seem to have any floating equipment. All the boats look very old. (they aren’t even cleaning up the water way.)


    The boats got there when it was Witte Marine Scrapyard

    One of the largest marine scrapyards on the East Coast, the Witte Marine Scrapyard is located at 2453 Arthur Kill Road in Rossville.

  10. Aurther kill waterway near Rossville west side of Staten Island, NY.

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