Contest #290 answer: Bözödújfalu, Mures, Romania

First of all: I applaud everyone who found this, because even with the hint I think this was very hard to find.
It is the submerged village of Bözödújfalu (Bezidu Nou/NewVillage) in Transylvania, Romania and populated by mostly Hungarians.


In 1989 it was one of the fist of 8000 villages that Nicolai Ceausescu had planned to destroy as part of his industrialization program to force people into the cities. Shortly after Bözödújfalu was destroyed, Ceausescu was overthrown.

For an interesting read on this matter I can recommend this page.

Those who left in time:

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  • Walter_V_R
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  • Farceur

And this ends another series, which gave us no less than four winners: Farceur, mccrumplair, steve willis and Walter_V_R ended all with 18 points. Congratulations to you all.

2 Replies to “Contest #290 answer: Bözödújfalu, Mures, Romania”

  1. Well done! This round was very difficult. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks again, Karel, for this series of puzzles. This last one was very challenging. (I think I’m going to take a break from the next series, just to ensure I don’t become completely obsessed 🙂

    I had the same problem with the shadows as mentioned by mccrumplair, and like him, searched only south of the northern tropic. In fact, the shadows on the right half of the image made me think it was definitely in the tropics. After the hint, I could hardly believe the solution wasn’t Potosi Venezuela!

    Once I found the solution, I realized my mistake — many images in google earth are not taken from straight above the scene. This one was apparently taken from well to the south, (judging by the houses in the village) with the aircraft at a lower angle than the sun, so the shadows can appear to be in front of objects instead of behind them.

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