Contest #288

IMPORTANT: This week you’ll also have to provide the coordinates of this location to qualify for a correct answer


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  1. Lat:39°40’30.15″N
    Yodok concentration camp, Kwan-li-so (penal labor colony) No. 15, Yodok county, South Hamgyong province, North Korea.

  2. Yodeok Concentration Camp, South Hamgyong, North Korea
    39°40’24” N
    126°51’03” E

    Knew it instantly as just by chance I was checking out the same spot about 48 hours ago! Thanks for the game, lots of fun every week =D

  3. Yodok Concentration Camp in North Korea.
    39°40’26.99″N 126°51’05.06″E

  4. Yod?k is a concentration camp in North Korea. It is located in Yod?k-gun County in South Hamgyong Province. The official name is Kwan-li-so (reeducation center) No. 1

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