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Contest #288

IMPORTANT: This week you’ll also have to provide the coordinates of this location to qualify for a correct answer


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  1. Lat:39°40’30.15″N
    Yodok concentration camp, Kwan-li-so (penal labor colony) No. 15, Yodok county, South Hamgyong province, North Korea.

  2. Yodok concentration camp, North Korea
    39.674163, 126.851406

  3. Yodok concentration camp North Korea
    39.674163, 126.851406

  4. Yodeok Concentration Camp, South Hamgyong, North Korea
    39°40’24” N
    126°51’03” E

    Knew it instantly as just by chance I was checking out the same spot about 48 hours ago! Thanks for the game, lots of fun every week =D

  5. Yodok concentration camp, Yodok county, South Hamgyong province, North Korea.
    39.674163 N 126.851406 E

  6. A labour camp in North Korea at
    39°40’26.28″N 126°51’2.99″E

  7. (Bing Maps have an even better satellite image of the place)

  8. north korea, prison
    39.673746° 126.852626°

  9. 39° 40′ 26.42″ N
    126° 51′ 3.82″ E
    North Korea

  10. Yodeok Concentration Camp / Yodeok Je Sipo-ho Gwalliso

  11. Yodok Concentration Camp in North Korea.
    39°40’26.99″N 126°51’05.06″E

  12. Yodeok Concentration Camp, North Korea

  13. Yod?k is a concentration camp in North Korea. It is located in Yod?k-gun County in South Hamgyong Province. The official name is Kwan-li-so (reeducation center) No. 1

  14. Some Chinese, Korean gulag. Can’t find it or the co-ord

  15. one of the nicer places in N Korea.

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