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  1. Lat: 27°53’49.20″N
    Lon: 9° 7’37.20″E
    This is the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas, Algeria.
    We all hope the hostages get out alright.

  2. The Tigantourine natural gas facility in the Amenas gas field in eastern Algeria
    27°54’11.24″ N 9° 7’25.45″ E

  3. In Amenas, Ilizis, Algeria.
    27°54’11.11″N 9°07’22.80″E
    “The In Amenas hostage crisis” began on 16 January 2013, when al-Qaeda-linked terrorists affiliated with a brigade led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar took over 800 people hostage at the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas, Algeria.

  4. BP gas plant, In Amenas hostage crisis, Algeria
    27°53’49.20″N 9° 7’37.20″E

  5. The Tiguentourine gas facility (near In Amenas), where over 800 people were taken hostage on 16 January 2013.
    27°53’49.2″N, 9°7’37.2″E

  6. Apologies to all. I had the wrong hostage story stuck in my head and now realise the tragedy involved here. I am very lucky to live in a safe country away from most of the worlds senseless violence and hope that one day peace will come to the regions of insanity.

  7. 27° 54′ 23.21″ N
    9° 7′ 14.07″ E
    BP Gas Plant in Algerian desert

  8. The Amenas gas field, jointly operated by British oil giant BP, Norway’s Statoil and state-run Algerian energy firm Sonatrach, in eastern Algeria

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