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  1. Castel Gandolfo in Italy where the pope resides after abdication.

  2. Castel Gandalfo, the summer residence of the Pope, where the ex-Pope went to after he resigned (until he moves back into an apartment in the Vatican).

  3. An easy one this week: Castal Gandolfo, the temporary home of our emeritus pope.
    41° 44? 48.29? N, 12° 39? 2.11? E

  4. Castel Gandolfo
    41° 44? 48.29? N, 12° 39? 2.11? E

    I totally called this one! 🙂

  5. Castel Gondolto. The Popes summer residence. Still doing this on the iPod. 🙁

  6. Castel Gandolfo on Lake Albano, Italy. The Pope’s summer residence.

  7. Castel Gandolfo, where the pope is until an old monastery is made ready for him.

  8. the ex-pope at castel gandolfo, italy, 41°44’46.79″N 12°39’2.82″E

  9. Castel Gandolfo, Pope’s summer residence and ex-Benoit XVIth retirment home.

  10. Castel Gandolfo, located in the Lazio region near Rome, Italy (41.746,12.651)

  11. Castel Gandolfo, 41°44’48.29″N, 12°39’2.11″E.
    This is the new home of the old Pope.

    Just got home after a weekend abroad, first guess proved to be right. Nice, but I prefer a nice search to get to a result. Much more satisfying!

  12. Borgo di Castel Gandolfo
    Piazza della Libertà, 7, 00040 Castel Gandolfo Roma, Italy

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