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  1. The castle Drakensteijn, the furure home of queen Beatrix of the Netherlands when she will be princess again.
    52°10’47″N 5°13’38″E?

  2. Drakenstein, Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands

    Queen Beatrix will take up residence at the castle at some point after the investiture of her son, Willem-Alexander, to the Dutch throne on April 30, 2013

  3. Lat: 52°10’47.45″N
    Lon: 5°13’37.98″E
    Drakesteijn (Drakestein) castle at 9 Slotlaan, Lage Vuursche, Baarn, the Netherlands is owned by Queen Beatrix. 🙂

  4. Drakesteijn Castle — Queen Beatrix’ retirement home?
    52°10’47.00″N 5°13’38.00″E

  5. Drakensteyn Castle in De Lage Vuursche, Netherlands. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will take up residence in Drakensteyn Castle after abdication.

  6. 52.1798° , 5.2271°: Built between 1640–1643, Drakesteijn or Drakestein is a small castle in the hamlet of Lage Vuursche, in the municipality of Baarn. The owner is Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Thank you for another competition.

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