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  1. AnsaldoBreda S.p.A. factory in Pistoia, Italy.
    43°55’24″N 10°54’12″E

  2. Sorry, clicked submit by mistake.

    AnsaldoBreda factory, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. The factory builds trains.

  3. Lat: 43°55’24.60″N
    Lon: 10°54’12.25″E
    They built some trains. Trains fell apart. Contracts lost. Jobs lost. Investments down the gurgler. AnsaldoBreda did say they were sorry. 🙁

  4. I found the place by chance (well, after three hours chance increases doesn’t it)
    Pistoia, Italy
    43°55’24.72″N 10°54’10.45″E
    As for the plant, I tried StreetView and found Ansaldo Breda, a manufacturer of (e.g.) high-speed trains

  5. The location is in Pistoia, Italy. Finding out what we’re looking at turned out to be problematic, as there are no photos that identify the place, nor does the “places” layer identify it. As far as I can tell, it’s the AnsaldoBreda factory for high-speed trains. Even looking at it from street-view didn’t really give any obvious identification, but you can see one of their trains parked on the grounds.
    43°55’24.20″N 10°54’9.56″E

  6. After a bit more examination in street view, I did find a sign for AnsaldoBreda. Apparently, they have been experiencing some quality problems in the Netherlands recently with the V250.

  7. AnsaldoBreda factory located in Pistoia, Italy (43.924,10.902), manufacturer of the V250 high-speed trains that were taken out of service in the Netherlands … they look ugly anyway … what happened to Italian design ?

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