3 Replies to “Contest #276 hint”

  1. The city of Linfen, world’s most polluted city (according to TIME). 36°05’03″N 111°30’59″E
    Didn’t really need the hint, just had a lack of time before the hint.

  2. OK OK OK!

    At approx 36.083,111.516, this is the city of Linfen in eastern China, the 2nd largest city in Shanxi Province and a regional center of coal mining. Named by Time Magazine (?) as one of the world’s most polluted places. Apparently even the China Daily admits it. 😛

    So much for searching “China smoggiest city”, “China coal pollution”, etc etc. I should have headed straight to “China most polluted city”!

    I will never get back those 6 hours of my life…

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