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  1. Pixar Animation Studios 37.832°, -122.284°, Emeryville, San Francisco. So I’ve found two pictures within 6 hours, are there any other ones 🙂 . Thank you for this Contest.

  2. Lat: 37°49’58.48″N

    Pixar Animation Stuidios, Emeryville, California.

  3. It’s Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, CA.
    Oddly enough, I stumbled upon it by looking for US cities that use articulated buses. (You can see a couple in the parking lot to the NE of Pixar.) Emeryville wasn’t listed of course, but San Francisco was. But I don’t recommend it as a search technique.
    37°49’55.16″N 122°17’2.28″W

  4. That’s Pixar’s headquarters, in Emeryville CA.

    Don’t ask me why, but sometimes I just get an immediate hit on these – it took me about 10 sec to recognize by eye and another 15 to verify on Google.

  5. It’s the Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, California, USA
    37°49’56.52″ N 122°17’04.76″ W

  6. Pixar Animation Studios renamed the Steve Jobs Building in East Bay Park of San Francisco Bay area of California

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