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Contest #268

This week it is about the building in the centre of the picture (click for larger)

November 9th, 2012 Posted by | Uncategorized | 11 comments

11 Responses to “Contest #268”

  1. Pixar Animation Studios 37.832°, -122.284°, Emeryville, San Francisco. So I’ve found two pictures within 6 hours, are there any other ones 🙂 . Thank you for this Contest.

  2. Lat: 37°49’58.48″N

    Pixar Animation Stuidios, Emeryville, California.

  3. It’s Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, CA.
    Oddly enough, I stumbled upon it by looking for US cities that use articulated buses. (You can see a couple in the parking lot to the NE of Pixar.) Emeryville wasn’t listed of course, but San Francisco was. But I don’t recommend it as a search technique.
    37°49’55.16″N 122°17’2.28″W

  4. That’s Pixar’s headquarters, in Emeryville CA.

    Don’t ask me why, but sometimes I just get an immediate hit on these – it took me about 10 sec to recognize by eye and another 15 to verify on Google.

  5. Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, CA

  6. It’s the Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, California, USA
    37°49’56.52″ N 122°17’04.76″ W

  7. Pixar headquarters in Emoryville, CA, now known as the Steve Jobs building.

  8. It seems I have to correct this one? -> The Steve Jobs Building… 😉

  9. The Steve Jobs Building
    Lat 37.832 Lon -122.284

  10. 37.832794,-122.283422 Pixar.

  11. Pixar Animation Studios renamed the Steve Jobs Building in East Bay Park of San Francisco Bay area of California