Contest #267 hint

This in one of the creepiest places in the world.

Don’t go there, especially with Halloween…

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  1. Lat: 35°28’11.66″N
    Aokigahara Forest, Japan.
    After looking for old growth forests, trees, forest fires, aircraft crashes and a whole heap of other unrelated things I really needed that clue. Another one for the Americans as Holloween is not really big in Australia. Nice puzzle though. 🙂

  2. Aokigahara (?????), also known as the Sea of Trees (?? Jukai?), is a 35-square-kilometre (14 sq mi) forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan

  3. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

    I was looking for some remote voting booth in the USA, yep!

  4. (OK, I’m not into horror films or books. So no wonder I failed without the hint. With the hint it was first hit in the Google search.)
    Aokigahara Forest, Japan

  5. Aokigahara Forest, Mt. Fiji Japan

    35°28?12?N 138°37?11?E

    Most suicides…..that is creepy!

  6. Aokigahara Forest, at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.
    35°28’12″N 138°37’11″E

  7. Aokigahara Forest, base of Mount Fuji in Japan
    (35°28’6.87″N – 138°36’42.12″E)

  8. 35.4678°, 138.6093° Aokigahara, just comming home and looking. Late but eventually not too late?

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