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Contest #264

There is an object in this picture that obviously doesn’t belong there. (click the picture to enlarge)

This week’s key question (to earn your points) is not only where is this location, but what is inside this object?

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  1. McDonalds in Taupo New Zeeland

  2. 38° 41′ 22.60″ S
    176° 4′ 17.96″ E

  3. McDonalds DC-3 at Taupo, New Zealand
    38°41’22.66″S 176° 4’17.85″E

  4. Lat: 38°41’22.69″S
    Lon:176° 4’18.34″E
    Nice DC3 at Taupo.

  5. Taupo, New Zealand – Mcdonald Douglas DC3 ZK-CAW
    C/n 18923 now used as a McDonalds Restaurant

  6. It seems obvious to me you are referring to the DC-3 in the picture which is located near the MacDonalds in Taupo, New Zealand.

  7. DC-3 with a McDonald’s inside
    Waikato Region
    New Zealand
    176° 4’18.01″E

  8. This is in Taupo, New Zealand. I don’t think this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hard to tell why you picked it. I found it by searching for the DC3 parked in front of a building. (Turns out to be McDonald’s)
    38°41’24.64″S 176° 4’27.55″

  9. McDonald’s fast food restaurant inside the ZK-CAW C/N 18923 DC-3, located in Taupo on the North Island of New Zealand (-38.6895,176.0715) http://bit.ly/iiwkLe

  10. DC-3 ZK-CAW, standing in Taupo, New Zealand, a McDonald’s Restaurant since 1990.
    Update to this info:
    I googled a little and found this blogpost from August 2012:
    “During my visit to NZ, I heard that the DC3 at Taupo McD’s has been sold and is heading to Mystery Creek. Just wondering if anyone knows more.”

  11. New Zealand, Taupo -38.6895°, 176.0720°: Douglas DC-3 converted into a McDonalds Restaurant.
    Nice idea. Thanx for #264.

  12. McDonald’s – Douglas DC-3 airplane- Taupo, New Zealand
    38°41’22.62″S 176°04’18.04″E
    Here I’m hungry now 😛

  13. McDonalds in Taupo, NZ. It was built inside a decomissioned DC-3. There’s actually a website dedicated to this specific plane at http://www.ruudleeuw.com/dc3-zkcaw-history.htm

    38 41 22 S 176 4 18 E

  14. Location Taupo, New Zealand 38°41’21.85″S 176° 4’18.59″E

    What’s inside the plane is a McDonalds! 🙂

  15. Ah, it’s the DC-3 connected to the McDonalds, in Taupo, New Zealand…

  16. This is a DC-3 in Taupo, New Zealand that contains a McDonalds

  17. I thought I left a comment but I don’t see any evidence of it? DC_# at McDonald’s in Taupo, NZ. Plane was a dining room and kids hangout. Has been moved.

  18. The plane is still there at MacDonalds. Walked past it a week ago

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