18 Replies to “Contest #263”

  1. 36.201096°, 37.148678°: central Aleppo, Syria. Hopefully a calm and safe place in future. Thank you for challenge 263.

  2. Souk Alhal, Aleppo, Syria
    Fighting in Aleppo starts fire in medieval souks
    Sept. 29, 2012, 12:02 p.m. | World — by Associated Press

  3. Central Synagogue of Aleppo
    Al-Assad Square,
    Al Masharika,
    Al Aqabah,
    36° 12? 0? N, 37° 9? 0? E

  4. Somewhere in the middle of Aleppo between center park and Bab Antakiya (Gate of Antioch), located in Syria (36.1995,37.1495). My prayers and well wishes for those who are still there and all the people of Syria …

  5. Aleppo, Syria. Vicinity of al-Assad Square.
    36°12’3.68″N 37° 8’53.75″E

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