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  1. 31.027784°,119.424644° General Motors Co opened a new, large vehicle test track west of Shanghai. The 1,400-acre (560-hectare) facility was opened in Guangde County, Anhui province. Thanks for another challenge.

  2. Guangde Proving Ground, biggest testing facility in China, west of Shanghai. Opened by General Motors together with its Chinese partners SAIC, Shanghai GM and PATAC.

  3. GM Opens Huge Proving Ground in Guangde, Anhui Province, China
    31° 2’36.10″ N 119°25’16.06″ E

  4. Lat: 31° 1’43.21″N
    GM’s Guangde Proving Ground in Guangde County, Anhui.

  5. Guangde Test track for General Motors in Guande, China
    31°02’31″N 119°25’20″E

    What is currently the largest test track, opened last week.

  6. GM test track under construction near Guangde, Anhui province, China. The town/village at the bottom of the photo is labeled Paomagangun.
    31° 1’42.10″N 119°25’29.30″E

  7. 31° 1′ 44.73″ N
    119° 25′ 30.08″ E
    The new GM Proving Ground
    Paomagangcun, Guangde County, China

  8. UNESCO Motor Speedway! Wait, no how about GM/SAIC’s proving ground near Guangde County, Anhui province China? It will be dwarfed by a Volkswagen/FAW China project in 2014.

  9. The Guangde Proving Ground is in
    Guangde County, in China’s Anhui Province, west of shanghai

  10. GM Test Track, Guangde County, East China’s Anhui Province
    31° 2’20.72″N 119°25’33.60″E

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