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  1. Senkaku Islands whose ownership is disputed between China and Japan, a recent place of conflict between the two countries

  2. Two of the disputed Senkaku Islands – Kita-Kojima (left) and Minami-Kojima (right)
    25°43’32.42″N 123°32’49.69″E

  3. Senkaku Islands: Kita- und Minami-Kojima,25°44?41.49?N 123°28?29.79?E. The ownership is actually in dispute between China and Japan because of oil and fishing resources. Could become problematic. Thanks for #260.

  4. According to Wikipedia these very two are Kita Kojima(Bei Xiaodao) on the left and Minami Kojima(Nan Xiaodao) on the right.

  5. A group of islands disputed between Japan and China, called Senkaku by the Japanese and Diaoyu by the Chinese (more precisely the islets shown are called in Japanese Kita-Kojima (left) and Minami-Kojima (right)).

    These islands are the reason for some recent flag-waving, posture and diplomatic spats between these countries.


  6. Kita-Ko-jima and Minami-Ko-jima, islands of the Senkaku group located between Taiwan and Okinawa. Disputed by Japan, Taiwan, and China.
    25°43’32.99″N 123°32’44.77″E

  7. Lat: 25°43’33.36″N
    Diaoyu Islands (China), Senkaku Islands (Japan), Tiaoyutai Islands (Taiwan) or just the Pinnacle Islands. All depends what country your in at the time.
    Thanks Karel for a great series of puzzles. I have been posting them on my G+ (must do the same on FB) in the hope of getting more people on to your site. Keep up the great work. 🙂
    Richard. 😉

  8. The Senkaku Islands dispute concerns a territorial dispute on a group of uninhabited islands, the Senkaku Islands, which are also known as the Diaoyu by China[1] or Tiaoyutai Islands by Taiwan.[2] The archipelago is administered by Japan, while also being claimed by both the People’s Republic of China (PRC) [3] and the Republic of China (ROC).[4] The United States occupied the islands from 1945 to 1972.[5] Both the PRC and Japan indicated their sovereignty claims with respect to the islands to the United Nations Security Council at the time of the US transfer of its administrative powers to Japan.[6] Sovereignty over the islands would give the owner exclusive oil, mineral and fishing rights in surrounding waters.[7] Although the United States does not have an official position on the merits of the competing sovereignty claims,[8] the islands are included within the U.S. Japan Security Treaty meaning that a defense of the islands by Japan may compel support from the United States military

  9. Two of the Senkaku islands, disputed by Japan, China and Taiwan.
    Left: Kita-Ko-jima (Japanese) / Bei Xiaodao (Chinese)
    Right: Minami-Ko-jima (Japanese) / Nan Xiaodao (Chinese)
    25°43’32″N 13°32’45″E

  10. Kita-Kojima and Minami-Kojima, part of a disputed island chain called Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan. Roughly located at 25.726225, 123.545802

  11. (Two of the) Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. Little rocks in a big sea and an epicenter of big trouble.

    25° 43′ 33″ N, 123° 32′ 44″ E

  12. Kita-Kojima (left) and Minami-Kojima (right), located at the Senkaku Islands, Japan, er yeah but no but yeah but … (25.726,123.550)

  13. 25° 43′ 32.03″ N
    123° 32′ 42.85″ E
    Minamikojima and Kitakojima
    East China Sea

  14. 25.725916,123.54495
    Senkaku Islands = Diaoyu Islands = Tiaoyutai Islands
    disputed between …a lot of countries

  15. They’re part of the disputed Senkaku Islands. Kita-Kojima (left) and Minami-Kojima (right), and depending where your loyalties lie, they’re either Taiwanese, Chinese or Japanese.

  16. Islands that are in dispute between China And Japan, Called either Diaoyu or Senkaku.
    Lat 25.725 Lon 123.545

  17. The very fact of naming them is an international conflict…
    The Senkaku Islands, also known as the Diaoyu Islands in Mainland China or Tiaoyutai Islands in Taiwan, or the Pinnacle Islands

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