One moment, please…

This week’s update is delayed with one day.
So please be patient, it will arrive this Saturday.

Sorry for the inconvenience….

6 Replies to “One moment, please…”

  1. It’s already Saturday here in Australia so I get a weekend day less than everyone else to find it and it’s back to 14hr shifts from Monday so the word inconvenience is a little understated for me.

  2. Karel, don’t sweat it. Thanks for running this contest every week. Farceur, that’s a great score for such a tight schedule.

  3. Karel: for each challenge you have to choose a location. And after having run so many previous challenges, that’s not easy. As you try to find something interesting or something with a story behind it. You also have to publish it and do the scoring. So I would estimate, that’s 3-6 hours of work every week including vacation. And all this for just the fun of it. So take the time you need and many thanks for running this game.

  4. No, problem.
    This contest ist for free and you’re doing a great job.
    Thanks for setting up challenging pictures every week.

  5. Thanks Dennis and Karel certainly does an awesome job of setting this up every week so having a day off every now and again should be mandatory. I just really love this game setup and it serves my addiction of map reading with a weekly fix well. Google Earth is my drug of choice. Pat on the back for everyone that plays this game even if they do not get any points and the biggest for Karel for keeping this game alive. My fingers are itching to go with anticipation. 🙂

  6. Thanks all for your understanding.
    This week went totally different than I anticipated, that is why I ran into trouble on Friday.
    Hopefully it won’t happen again.


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