Contest #256

Please note: Just a description will not qualify for a right answer.

Only the lat/lon coordinates of the location will earn you points!!

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  1. A possible ruined pyramid and four other potential archaeological sites 12 miles West of Abu Sidhum, Egypt.

    The biggest object is located at 28°21’25.68″N 30°25’35.03″E

  2. Lat: 28°21’32.65″N
    Lon: 30°25’33.59″E
    Supposedly ancient pyramids at Abu Sidhum, Kom AR Raheb, Samalout, Al Minya, Egypt but I am not convinced about this until hard scientific evidence is produced to confirm the claim. 🙂

  3. Site claimed to be of possible previously unknown pyramids
    close to Abu Sidhum
    28°21’25.88″N, 30°25’34.79″E

  4. Lost pyramids? (or wishful thinking?)
    28°21’33.74″N 30°25’33.73″E

  5. 28º21’35” N 30º25’35 E

    American archeologist Angela Micol believes she has found two new pyramids in Egypt by the use of Google Earth. One of them is shown in this weeks’ contest.
    It is in Egypt close to the city of Abu Sidhum not far from the Nile.

  6. 28°21’25.53″N 30°25’33.78″E
    This place is location 191 Km. and 201 degree south of Giza pyramid.
    An unusual grouping of mounds in Upper Egypt just 12 miles from the city of Abu Sidhum along the Nile. The site consists of 2 larger mounds to the North with 2 smaller mounds to the South East. The alignment of the mounds suggests artificiality but it is unknown if the features were caused by the Ancient Egyptians or are natural formations.

  7. This is one of the newly discovered pyramid sites in Egypt!

  8. Possible Egyptian pyramid complexes have been located with satellite imagery from Google Earth.
    Coordinates: 28.359443° 30.425702°

  9. 28°21’33″N 30°25’32″E
    recently discovered possible location of pyramids

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