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  1. I’m not sure of an official name, but it is the boarder crossing/DMZ of North and South Korea. Appx geo coordinates are 37.905199,126.687198

  2. Lat: 37°54’44.82″N
    Demilitarised zone between Kaesong, North Korea and Dorasan, South Korea.

  3. Part of the Gyeongui rail line in Korea, where it crosses the DMZ between Kaesong and Dorasan station.
    37°54’39.37″N 126°40’40.74″E

  4. Kaes?ng Industrial Region (North Korea) on the top left,
    Dorasan Station (South Korea) on the bottom right,
    Close to the Imjin River,
    DMZ, Border between North and South Korea,
    37°54’38.47″N, 126°40’40.64″E

  5. North Korea South Korea Border
    Coordinates 37.90559, 126.6836

    The white building on the South Korea site is the Dorasan Station

  6. DMZ South Korea, near Dorasan Station.
    (Dorasan-ri, Jangdan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)

  7. Border crossing in the Korean Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea near the northern City of Kaesong and the southern DorasanStation. Thanks for another challenge.

  8. The highway and railway line between South and North Korea, leading to the Kaesong Industrial Park, a South Korean industrial complex in the territory of North Korea.
    (37°54’48.72″ N 126°40’17.28″ E)

  9. Border area between North and South Korea. This the section where the Gyeongui rail line crosses the border.

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