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  1. Bois du Cazier coalmine, Marcinelle, Belgium, the venue of a tragic mining accident.

  2. (La Tombe/Tumulus/Bois du Cazier)
    Hainaut, Wallonia
    50° 23? 17.64? N, 4° 25? 38.54? E

  3. Bois du Cazier, in Marcinelle, Belgium. Coal mine where 262 died on Aug 6 1956.
    50°22’52.17″N 4°26’36.05″E

  4. Lat: 50.380909°
    Lon: 4.443486°

    Bois du Cazier mine, Marcinelle, France (again).

  5. Ok….I forgot to even look in which country I was before posting. :O

    So here is the correction.
    Lat; 50.380609°
    Lon: 4.443025°
    Bois du Cazier mine, Marcinelle, Belgium.
    Now I must go and have my medication. 🙂

  6. Bois du Cazier, a closed coal mine near Marcinelle in Belgium. In 1956 262 miners with 12 different nationalities have been killed by a fire in the mine.
    Thanks for another challenge.

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