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  1. Friendship Bridge between Nepal and China (Tibet)
    27°58’24.26″N 85°57’50.10″E

  2. 27.975N, 85.96E Kodari, Friendshipbridge, border crossing Nepal-China. Thanks for this challenge.

  3. At the center of the photo at 27.97348, 85.96382 is the so-called “Friendship Bridge” near the Nepalese town of Kodari at the border of Nepal and Tibet.

    In 1989 when I rode across this bridge on my bicycle and asked the border guard “Am I now in Tibet?” he scowled at me and shouted “This not Tibet – this CHINA!”

  4. The Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge (27°58’24″N 85°57’50″E), the border bridge between Nepal and Tibet. The bridge links the Arniko Highway on the Nepalese side with the Friendship Highway on the Chinese side. You can see trucks waiting to cross the border.

  5. Finally found it! Kodari, Nepal, and Khasa, China. The bridge is the border crossing between them.
    27.9735, 85.9628

  6. The scoring system has a proposition for you;
    before the publishing hint:
    5 points in the first person who answered the question,
    4 points in the second person who answered the question
    3 points in the third person who answered the question
    others, 2 points
    after publishing hint;
    1 points for every true answer.
    best regards..

  7. Friendship Bridge and Kodari customs office located near Zhangmu, Tibet (27.973,85.964)

  8. @Mehmet Durmus:
    Yes, I did consider a ‘first answer gets the most points’ scoring system.
    But there is a serious flaw in those systems, as our contenders come from all over the world.
    That means that those in the right time-zone are getting the first chance of submitting their answer, which would be unfair to others in other time-zones.
    For that reason I did reject such a system.

    But I do appreciate your suggestion and please do keep feeding me with ideas how to improve this contest.

    Cheers, Karel

  9. @Karel and Mehmet:

    I do agree with Karel.

    I like this game cause unlike so many other games and things in this world this does not give “time-stress”. Even when being out of town (no Internet) for some days still gives you the opportunity to reach the full score.
    Some contests I found within little time after I finally found time to play it. So please keep the scoring as it is.

    The game itself is very pure and nice. Please continue! Thanks, Rob.

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