Contest #247

Question this week (apart from the location): what is going on here (the dot-pattern)?

You can click the picture for a larger version

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  1. Oil drilling in North Dakota is going on at a record pace, these are probably oil wells near New Town, located in Mountrail County, North Dakota, USA (48.066,-102.396)

  2. Near New Town, North Dakota US, 102.4°W, 48.0°N

    Oil wells in the Bakken Formation. The oil is being produced by horizontal wells with the fracturing technologie.

    Also some Minuteman Missile Silos on the picture.

    Thank you very much für running this game.

  3. This is rural North Dakota, with parts of New Town and Lake Sakakawea at the bottom left. I would guess that the dots are oil wells, probably fracking sites.
    48° 2’50.04″N 102°23’7.30″W

  4. Oil wells surrounding New Town in North Dakota. And also a few old nuke silos to boot.
    Lat:47°59’27.06″N Lon:102°28’52.56″W

  5. Fort Berthold Indian Reservation
    Mountrail County, North Dakota, U.S.A.
    (New Town in the bottom of the picture)
    48° 12? 0? N, 102° 22? 12? W
    The “dots” are oil wells.

  6. 48° 3′ 12.21″ N
    102° 23′ 35.94″ W
    Oilfields near New Town, North Dakota

  7. 48° 3’39.13″N 102°23’51.06″W

    (Perhaps former Minuteman missile launch sites near Lake Sakakawea)

  8. This is near New Town, North Dakota. I believe those small dots are oil drilling rigs.

  9. It is the southern part of Mountrail County in North Dakota, USA. Position around 48°02’N 102°25’W.

    The dot-pattern should be associated with the oil drilling currently going on in the Bakken Formation ( that is lying underneath this part of the USA. Going back in history in Google Earth shows this recent drilling development, since the “dots” dissapear whilst going back in time.

  10. The Doted patterns are the wind famrs.

    i am stil tring to figure out the exact location

  11. Montrail County, North East of New Town, North Dakota, USA

    I guess that the dots you refer to are farms

  12. Skip a part of that first response. Those aren’t farms but these are oil fields with drills.

  13. Fracturing is going on but what is “parker version”?? (this is not my official

  14. Oil drilling sites (The Bakken) north of New Town, North Dakota.

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