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  1. Jardim Gramacho, the huge waste depot of Rio is to be closed these days.

  2. Jardim Gramacho landfill, recently closed, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    -22.759324, -43.285925

  3. The last set of coordinates was actually taken from the Wikipedia page for the town of Jardim Gramacho, not the landfill, which is a bit to the east of the town. Correct coordinates are: 22°44’54.49″S 43°15’31.98″W

  4. Jardim Gramacho dump (recently closed), one of the world’s largest open-air landfills, located in near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (-22.750,-43.258)

  5. Jardim Gramacho (Gramacho Garden),
    Duque de Caxias,
    Rio de Janeiro state,
    22° 45? 33.56? S, 43° 17? 9.33? W

  6. The image shown does not look exactly as it does in GoogleEarth. But I noticed that it is almost identical to the historical image from Aug 31, 2009,(even more identical when I turn off the terrain feature) although the historical view shows the river mouth looking different.

  7. 22° 44′ 56.29″ S
    43° 15′ 28.68″ W
    A huge dumpsite for Rio?

  8. Lat:22°44’56.80″S Lon:43°15’54.97″W
    Landfill that receives the majority of urban waste in Rio de Janeiro. Got stuck looking around Florida USA until I came to my senses. 😉

  9. Lat: 50°24’41.50″N
    This is the developing Jumbo Glacier Resort in British Columbia, Canada.

    On March 20, 2012, the Province of British Columbia signed a Master Development Agreement signalling the final approval of the Jumbo Glacier Resort project. It also completed an unprecedented 21-year long approval process that include four major public review processes.

    In 1990, a Japanese company commissioned the first study to locate and establish an ideal ski resort in North America. The study led to the identification of Jumbo Mountain and the Jumbo Creek Valley access as the best area suitable for the development of a year round mountain and ski resort, due to its available access, its climate, its appropriate elevations, the availability of glaciers, the prior use of the valley, and conformity with government policies.

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