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  1. Fort Eben-Emael,on the Belgian-Dutch border
    50.79755°N 5.67899°E

  2. Fort Eben-Emael,
    Belgium, North of Liège, close to the border with the Netherlands and the city of Maastricht.
    50° 47? 51.18? N, 5° 40? 44.36? E

  3. Fort Eben-Emael in Belgium, just south of Maastricht (NL)
    50°47’50″N, 5°40’51″E
    The fort is mainly underground. The entrance is on the left side near the parking lot.

  4. At 50.79714, 5.68086 in the center of the picture is the dome of Coupole 120 (120mm gun turret) at Fort Eben-Emael, which occupies a large hill just to the east of Eben-Emael village, adjacent to the Albert Canal on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. This fort, thought impregnable, was captured during WWII by German shock troops landing in gliders at 4AM on 11 May 1940.

    This was a tough one – I think I have traversed every major canal in Europe looking for this!

  5. Site of the Battle of Fort Eben-Emael in Belgium, just south of the city of Maastricht, Netherlands

  6. I don’t know what happened here but it is on the border of Belgium and holland.
    I can’t extract any gps data from my iPad somehow but entering these seem to work.

    Rue Collinet 1–2
    4600? Visé

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