Contest #240 answer: Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt

The Blue Hole in the Red Sea is a natural sinkhole and a famous but notorious diving site.

It has a depth of about 130m and at least 70 divers died here (although the number of casualties may well be over 100).

There is a documentary made of this place in 2007 and for those interested: youtube is full of diving videos of this spot, some of which you might find disturbing, as they show a number of casualties.

Those who took the plunge:

  • hhgygy
  • Ben
  • steve willis
  • Paul Franson
  • Pascal Gilbraith
  • Ernesto Posse
  • Paul Voestermans
  • Alonso Alfaro
  • mccrumplair
  • rob de wolff
  • Marisa Boraas
  • Felix Bossert
  • Cécile
  • Adam Macer
  • Dennis S.
  • Skip
  • Sasha Smith
  • Sandworm

– hint –

  • EJ
  • ACG
  • Steve Jaycocks
  • mehmet durmus
  • Marcel
  • Aaantoine
  • Steve Hoge
  • Jellicle

And this ends another series, with hhgygy as a clear winner (with full marks) and mccrumplair and steve willis as runners up with 19 points.