26 Replies to “Contest #238”

  1. The Nardo testing facility (40°19’39.21″N 17°49’36.34″E) in Southern Italy has been recently purchased by Porsche.

  2. Nardo test track, Nardo, Lecce, Italy
    Owned by Porsche
    40°19’49″N 17°19’30″E

  3. Nardo Ring, proving grounds recently purchased by Porsche near Nardo Italy.

  4. Nardò Ring, a high speed test track recently bought by Porsche, located in Apulia, Italy (40.32,17.82)

  5. I thought I’d seen every test track and proving ground on the planet while researching last week’s clue, but this one escaped me!

    This is the “Nardo Ring” test track (Pista di prova di Nardò della Fiat) near the town of Nardo, Italy at 40.3278, 17.8262, which was purchased this week by Porsche from its previous owners, Prototipo SpA.

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