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Contest #234

March 16th, 2012 Posted by | Uncategorized | 5 comments

5 Responses to “Contest #234”

  1. Uh, this was pretty hard even though you left some clue with the copyright.
    This is Arjeplog, Lappland, Sweden most famous for winter car testing.

  2. It’s Arjeplog, Sweden. Kind of remote. Not sure why you chose it. Probably there are some spectacular auroras visible there this year!
    66° 2’31.55″N 17°50’44.13″E

    FYI, there is an interesting article on the Sami people of Lapland in a recent issue of National Geographic magazine.

  3. 66° 2’41.53″N
    Arjeplog, Sweden

  4. The Silver Road in Arjeplog, Sweden, home of the AMG Winter Sporting Event.

  5. 66° 2’35.66″N