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  1. The (currently inactive) Oldbury Nuclear Power station near Oldbury-on-Severn, UK. An old “Doctor Who” setting. Perhaps a good idea for a new theme?
    51°38’53.86″N 2°34’14.59″W

  2. Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, located on the south shore of the River Severn, UK.

    51.65N 2.57W

  3. The world’s oldest running nuclear power station was shut down on March 1 after 44 years in use, located near Thornbury, South Gloucester, United Kingdom (51.649,-2.571)

  4. Oldbury Power Station, Glos, UK – Thought it looked familiar.. about 15 miles from where I used to live!..

  5. Modern farm area with some industry or power station; that and a popular TV series might place it in the US. Tidal sea area with small farm plots – maybe US east coast?

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