Contest #232 hint

Last week this location was in the news, when for the first time it was visited by western journalists.

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  1. Thanks for the hint. This was pretty hard to find even after I knew what I was looking for — the Alborz Space Center in Mahdasht (not Alborz) Iran.
    35°45’48.26″N 50°47’23.19″E

  2. Iran’s new Alborz Space Center and Mahdasht Satellite Receiving Station
    Karaj, Iran

  3. It’s the Mandasht Satellite Receiving Station west of Tehran in Iran.

  4. Mahdasht Satellite Receiving Station
    Found to the northwest of Mahdasht, Iran

  5. Mahdasht Satellite Receiving Station, aka Alborz Space Center, near Mahdasht, Iran.

    35 45′ 51″N, 50 47′ 10″ E

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