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Contest #230

February 17th, 2012 Posted by | Uncategorized | 16 comments

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  1. 37°46’58.86″N

  2. 37° 47’ 8.44″ N
    45° 21’ 25.52″ E
    Bridge in Iran

  3. The rusty bridge on Lake Urmia, Iran

  4. Lake Urmia, in Iran… finally got one 🙂

  5. Lake Urmia, Iran

  6. Lake Urmia Bridge, Iran

  7. This is the causeway/bridge crossing Lake Urmia, in northwestern Iran. One of the largest saltwater lakes in the world. The original photo had a small hint in it, which I see has now disappeared.
    37°47’2.28″N 45°21’8.63″E

  8. 37° 47′ 13″ N 45° 20′ 54″ O

  9. Uromie Lake Road

  10. situated in Lake Urmia…

  11. OMG!! I had no idea but i accidentally discover it… Really lucky

    It’s Lake Urmia in Iranian Azerbaijan

  12. Urmia lake bridge, NW IRAN (37.78,45.35)

  13. I’m looking at alkali lakes everywhere but haven’t found this one yet!

  14. Hey, is there a WOGE forum where we can discuss geo-sleuthing techniques with fellow players?

  15. Tay rail bridge

  16. NO! Its not.

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