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Contest #228 hint

There is something hidden under the ground here.

If you change the image date to 2003, you can see the construction of the hidden buildings.

Click the image for a larger version

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10 Responses to “Contest #228 hint”

  1. Natanz, Iran Fuel Enrichment Plant

  2. Natanz, Iran (33.52,51.72)

  3. A factory presumably producing some kind of heavy stuff, located at Natanz in Esfahan, Iran (33.723,51.725)

  4. you had me chasing my tail on this.

    Natanz, nuclear facility Iran

  5. Natanz, Iran. Some people think there is a military uranium complex here.

  6. Natanz in Iran

  7. Nucleaire faciliteiten in Iran.

  8. Natanz Enrichment Facility, Iran

  9. Natanz Uranium Enrichment Site, Iran

    33°43?N 51°43?E

  10. Natanz uranium enrichment site in Iran

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