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  1. Sorry, no relation to the movie Blues Brothers, that was another post in the quoted forum 🙂

  2. Bodega Bay, California…

    depicted in the 1963 Hitchcock film, ‘The Birds’

    I only recognized it, because I recently looked for accommodations in Sonoma county… and happend to look at the ‘inn at the tides’ across from the wharf with the pool in the center of the image. ~~ weird music playing ~~

  3. Back from short vacation – sorry for the delay 😉
    123° 2’41.13″W
    Bodega Bay – Location for “The Birds“

  4. Hi,
    It’s Bodega Bay California,
    Lat : 38°19’55.59″N
    Long : 123° 2’52.20″O

    Thans for all geoquizz and your entertaining website

  5. Bodega Harbor, California. Where Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed.

    38°19’39.75″N 123° 2’38.94″W

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