Contest #208

The building in the centre of the picture, that is what I am after.

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  1. The Hills are Alive, with the sound of google earth!!!

    This is Nonberg Abbey in Salzberg, Austria. One of the filming locations for “The Sound of Music”.

  2. That building is Nonnberg Abbey, in Salzburg, Austria. It’s the Abbey featured in “The Sound of Music”.
    47.796111, 13.051667

  3. Nonnberg Abbey (in the center, 47° 47? 46? N, 13° 3? 6? E), one of the locations of “The Sound of Music”;
    Hohensalzburg Castle (bottom left).

  4. Stift Nonnberg (abbey somewhat related to the movie Sound of Music), located at Nonnberggasse 2, Salzburg, Austria (47.795777,13.051747)

  5. The Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg, Austria, where some scenes of “The Sound of Music” were set. (But not filmed, as far as I know.)

  6. Nonnberg Convent, Salzburg, The convent where Maria in the sound of music went, although no filming was actually done in the convent

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