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Contest #200

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  1. Elm Point

  2. Elm Point, Minnesota

  3. Elm Point, a Canadian exclave in the Lake of the Woods, MN: http://bigthink.com/ideas/38662

  4. Elm Point is a practical exclave of the USA in the Lake of the Woods

  5. Elm Point, US/ Canada border.

  6. Elm Point, Minnesota – the 49th parallel separating Canada and the US is the straight line on the map, with the lake to the south being Lake of the Woods.

  7. Elm Point, Minnesota, practical exclave of USA in Canada.

  8. Elm Point, Minessota.
    A US exclave on the Canada-USA border, near the Northwest Angle.


  9. Elm Point, Minnesota, USA

  10. The piece of the U.S.A. that is below the 49th parallel, but attached to Manitoba,Canada.

  11. Elm Point, in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, USA. The deforested line is the US/Canada border.

    49 00′ 00′ N, 95 17′ 22″ W

    (Actually, Google Earth shows the 49th parallel as being slightly north of the line. Trying to figure out why has led me to read about the World Geodetic System and different mapping standards. Hm.)

  12. Elm Point, Minnesota –
    A fractal version of the Northwest Angle?

  13. Border USA Canada
    near Buffalo Point

  14. 49°N 95°17W, near Buffalo Point CAN, on the border of US and Canada.

  15. Elm Point, Manitoba, US to be exact.

  16. Elm Point, Minnesota, US. not Manitoba.

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