Contest #193 answer: Apple Data Centre, Maiden, North Carolina, USA

On June 6, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced ‘iCloud‘, which will be hosted in the new built datacenter facility of Apple near the city of Maiden, North Carolina.

Just a few days before the announcement, the building popped up in new imagery on Google Earth.

Those who safely stored their data:

  • mccrumplair
  • Chris Nason
  • Ivar Bonsaksen
  • Raj
  • Tim Willmes
  • Bill Close
  • Matt Manolides
  • Sarah G.
  • Mark Smy.
  • Gr8fulted
  • Dan Mack
  • Lelie
  • Michael McDaniel

– hint –

  • Paul Franson
  • Pascal Gilbraith
  • Sasha Smith
  • Steve Jaycocks
  • Adam Macer
  • Dennis S.
  • David Kozina