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  1. Another hole?!.. I know this one but only ‘cos I found it searching for the Gateway to Hell!.. Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada

  2. The Diavik diamond mine, on Lac de Gras, in Canada’s Northwest Territories
    64°29’59.90″N 110°14’17.14″W

  3. The Diavik Diamond Mine, located in the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada

  4. 64° 29? 46? N, 110° 16? 24? W – Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada. One of the biggest man-made holes on Earth.

  5. Hmm… not sure if my entry got logged or not (in the past I have always been able to see my own comment here during the week’s contest), so I’ll submit once more, just in case:

    Diavik Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada

  6. The Diavik Diamond mine in Canada. Now transitioning from an open pit mine to an underground mine

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