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  1. Hot Parking lot, used radioactive vehicles parked permanently after the Chernobyl disaster, SW of the damaged reactor site
    (51.09’16.71″ 29.58’55.44″)

  2. This is a contaminated vehicle junkyard near Chernobyl, Ukraine. 51° 9’12.90″N 29°58’55.29″E

  3. This is a group of abandoned radioactive helicopters within the exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

  4. This is the depot of the contaminated vehicles used at the Chernobyl disasters. It is located south of the Chernobyl plant, at 51.15414100 N, 29.98348100 E

  5. “Rossoha” Disposal site near Chernobyl NPP. Trucks, helicopters, machines, etc… used during the “battle of Chernobyl” in the aftermath of the infamous explosion at the NPP. 600 000 people took part in the process of cleaning up the NPP and sealing the core inside a concrete shell.

  6. Rossokha equipment graveyard for vehicles contaminated in the Chernobyl accident, Chernobyl region, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.

    51°09’16.16″N 29°58’57.41″E

  7. Chernobyl vehicle graveyard, Ukraine
    N51° 09′ 15.42” E029° 58′ 59.68”

  8. Rassokha, Ukraine. Graveyard of radioactive machines from the chernobyl disaster.

  9. The abandoned vehicle graveyard to the south of Chernobyl where they dumped the contaminated vehicles.

  10. Russian contaminated equipment graveyard – located southeast of Chernobyl, Ukraine.

  11. This is the “vehicle graveyard” about 25km to the south of Chernobyl, where contaminated vehicles were left after the 1986 nuclear disaster.

  12. Contaminated vehicles and helicopters from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster about 25km south of Prypyat Ukraine.

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