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  1. Dollart, south of Emden 53.30N,7.16E on the disputed Dutch/German border – aggravated by google earth mapping.

  2. Part of Ems estuary just south of Emden. Google maps recently showed a disputed border on their maps.
    Lat. 53.29 Lon. 7.16

  3. The Dollart – a bay in the estuary of the Ems River. The border between the Netherlands and Germany runs through this area, but is in dispute.

  4. It’s an estuary on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, near the town of Emden.
    53°17’19.99″N 7° 9’36.44″E

    Thanks for the game, it’s been fun. I look forward to playing the next one.

  5. Dollard
    Border Germany/Netherlands

    53.2889, 7.1572
    After you write these coordinates in Google Map, look at Green Arrow, and not a Red Marker.

  6. The Dollart, on the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

    53° 17′ N, 7° 9′ E

  7. Dollard Bay south of Emden, Germany. 53 degrees 17′ 19″ N, 7 degrees 09’41” E

  8. 53 degrees, 16’40.36″N, 7 degrees,11’03.44″E
    Near town of Emden on border of Germany and The Netherlands.

    The Dollart (Dutch: Dollard) is a bay between northern Netherlands and Germany, on the west side of the estuary of the Ems river. Most of it dries at low tide. Many water birds feed there.

  9. Emden, Germany I found this quickly, but it took some searching to find the significance. I take it the interest is due to Google Maps gerrymandering of the harbor, giving it to the Netherlands.

  10. Emden, Germany. Another case of Google Earth making a mistake with borders — this time it didn’t lead to armed conflict.

  11. Dollard, Dollart, seems unclear (and disputed) whether it is Germany or Netherlands.

  12. Dollart, estuario del río Ems localizado entre los Países Bajos y Alemania(53°17’28.93″N,7° 9’37.28″E)

  13. 53°17’38.15″N
    Border between Germany and holland

  14. The Dollard, Netherlands with Emden Germany just to the north. I missed out last week due to business travel — oh well… Congrats in advance to Chris Nason.

  15. This is the Dollart (or: Dollard), a bay located in the northern Dutch-German border area.

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