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Contest #178 hint

This was not a safe place 25 years ago

February 23rd, 2011 Posted by | Uncategorized | 21 comments

21 Responses to “Contest #178 hint”

  1. Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

  2. Lake Nyos, Cameroon – thanks for the hint. Had no clue this time around

  3. Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon
    06°26?17?N 010°17?56?E

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  4. Lake Nyos, Cameroon (6°26’19.16″N – 10°18’2.85″E)

  5. Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

  6. Lake Nyos, Cameroon.

  7. Lake Nyos, Cameroon

  8. Lake Nyos, Cameroon, Africa.

  9. Lake Nyos, Cameroon. Lat 6.437 Lon 10.300

  10. Lake Nyos, Cameroon

  11. Lake Nyos, Cameroon

  12. Lake Nyos

  13. lake Nos, Cameroon. Tis was a good one! i even saw this on the disocvey channel last week.

  14. Lake Nyos in Cameroon.

  15. The answer is Lake Nyos in Cameroon.

  16. Lake Nyos, Cameroon

  17. Lake Nyos (Camerun)

  18. Lake Nyos

  19. lake nyos bammmmmmm

  20. Nyosmeer, Kameroen

  21. Lake Nyos, Northwestern Cameroon