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Contest #177

February 11th, 2011 Posted by | Uncategorized | 16 comments

16 Responses to “Contest #177”

  1. Costa Rica! Irazu Volcano.

  2. Mount Shinmoedake, Kirishima, Japan
    (erupted in January 2011)

  3. Mount Shinmoe-dake (stratovolcano) of Kirishima late Pleistocene to Holocene group.
    Kyushu, Japan 31.91N, 130.88E
    Erupted 26th Jan 2011 frequent eruptions reported since 8th.C.

  4. Google maps labels it Mt. Sginmoe, but I think they really mean Mt. Shinmoe near Kirishima on the Japanese Island of Kyushu. It has been erupting over the last week and a half.

  5. Mt. Shinmoe, part of the Krirshima Voclano Group on Kyushu, Japan. It erupted last January. I noticed it is also labeled Mt. Sginmoe, Mt. Sindake, Sakurajima, Shinmo-dake, Shimmo-dake. I’m just going to list them all to be safe 🙂
    Thanks again for running this, it makes my Friday evenings fun and sometimes many other evenings too!

  6. Mount Kirishima, Kyushu, Japan

  7. Mt Sginmoe Japan

  8. Mt Sginmoe

  9. between Kagoshima and Takaharu, Japan at 31 degrees latitude N and 130 degrees longitude E. Possibly called Mt. Shinnendake??

  10. Shinmoedake Ky?sh?, Japan

  11. Shinmoedake in Japan. Also known as the secret rocket base in “You Only Live Twice”.

  12. Ijen Volcano
    East Java, Indonesia

  13. Finally one I can get! Nice Bond hint.

    Shinmoe-dake, Japan

  14. Mt. Shinmoedake/Shimmoe-dake Kyushu Island, japan.
    Google earth has a different spelling.
    I still don’t know what the former star has to do with this. The fint wasn’t helpful.

  15. Mount Shinmoedake in Kirishima mountain range in Kagoshima prefecture. Featured in James Bond You Only Live Twice

  16. Shinmoe-dake Volcano in SW Japan, between the cities of Kirishima and Kobayashi.