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  1. Brooklands Industrial Park nr Woking Surrey England.
    Former race track now home to Mercedes-Benz World

  2. Brooklands Industrial Park (and Brooklands Museum), Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom

  3. Brooklands Museum on the grounds of the original Brooklands in Surrey, England. It was the first motorsport venue in the world, as well as England’s first aerodrome, and the location where the Sopwith Camel was built.

    At the top left, you can see a retired Concorde (which is what gave it away for me).

  4. Brooklands – a former airfield, now turned into a race circuit, museums and an industrial estate in Weybridge, Surrey UK.

    The Concorde plane to the NE of the Mercedes museum was the giveaway for me.

  5. Former Brooklands motor racing circuit and aerodrome, now industrial park and museum, Weybridge, UK

  6. Brooklands Museum and Brooklands Industrial Park in England. The Concorde in this shot gave it away. I searched for the retirement status of the fleet and eventually found this location.

  7. Brooklands Industrial Park and Brooklands Museum, and Mercedes World, Weybridge, Surrey, England. “The birthplace of British motorsport and aviation.”

    Found it by searching for the racing tracks with static displays of the Concorde. There were only 20 Concordes ever made, so the search was short.

  8. Brooklands Museum
    Brooklands Road
    Surrey KT13 0QN
    United Kingdom

    The Concorde was a giveaway. Wikipedia lists the locations of the remaining ones.

  9. Brooklands Industrial Park / Mercedes-Benz World / Brooklands Museum
    Weybridge, Surrey, UK

  10. Brooklands near Weybridge, Surrey, England

    …easy to figure out once I noticed the Concorde!

  11. The location is Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey, England, UK. Home to Concorde No.202 Registration G-BBDG 13 which first flew in December 1974 and last took to the skies in 24 December 1981.

  12. Brooklands museum
    Brooklands Museum Trust Limited
    Brooklands Road, Weybridge,
    Surrey KT13 0QN

  13. Brooklands Industrial Park in West Molesey, Surrey, UK (51.354899,-0.464687)
    (didn’t use the hint!, found it searching for “concorde” in wikipedia)

  14. Brooklands, the first purpose built race track and one of Englands first airfields, now home to the brooklands museum, the old track is now partially covered by the industrial park

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