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  1. the enclave of Campione d’Italia, a speck of Italian territory surrounded by Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano

  2. It sure was a hard one before the hint

    Lago di Lei is a reservoir in the Valle di Lei. The lake is almost entirely located in Italy, but the barrage was built on territory later assigned to Switzerland.

    It is interesting that the water from this lake flows to the north and not to the mediterranean as most of the water on Italy.

  3. Lago di Lie limite entre Suiza e Italia ( 9° 27.215’E, 46° 28.910’N)

  4. 🙂 Good one. I’d never arrive there without borders!

    The picture is the dam over “lago di lei” (literally: Lake of her), which was built in Italian territory but transfered to Switzzerland. I don’t know the name of the dam, though…

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