31 Replies to “Contest #160”

  1. San Jose Mine, north of Copiapo, Chile. Thankful those miners were all rescued safely and well ahead of the original Christmas timetable.

  2. San Jose copper and gold mine, near Copiapo in Chile. Where them miners got stuck underground and that.

  3. The San Jose mine site, north of Copiapo, Chile. Site of one of the most incredible mine rescues.

  4. The San José gold and copper mine near Copiapó, Chile.

    The video of the rescue was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?

  5. Mina de San José, Copiapó, Chile – The mine where the chilean minners where held. (and now make big plans of getting wealthy :P)

  6. San José copper-gold mine near Copiapó, Chile

    (-27.160203, -70.496778)

  7. This is the mine near Copiopo, Chile where 33 miners were trapped underground for 69 days.

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