Contest #156 answer: Mesti, Svanetia, Georgia

The Upper Svanetia region in Georgia is an UNESCO World Heritage site. The unofficial capital of this region is Mestia, famous for its ‘Tower Houses’.


The region is inhabited by the Svans, who have their own language and a very distinctive art.


I wanted to put up a difficult contest for a change, but I hope I did not make it too hard.

There were two correct entries before the hint was out: kudos to hhgygy and Chris Nason for getting it without help. Maybe you want to share with us how you found it.

All the correct answers were from:

  • hhgygy
  • Chris Nason


  • Andy McConnell
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • David Kozina
  • Javier Abadia
  • José Miguel Díaz
  • lardarz

5 Replies to “Contest #156 answer: Mesti, Svanetia, Georgia”

  1. Nothing extra, only practice. Looking at the colour of the satellite image and the landscape, it could either be Pakistan Northern area, somewhere in China or Caucasus region. A bit of luck also helps sometimes.

  2. I have not had as much time recently to sleuth the world, but I enjoy a tough contest or two during the round. Mix it up, and thanks for continuing to run an awesome geography game.

  3. me parece q hubo un error, le había enviado el resultado del 156 el día martes, era en el valle del caucaso (42° 43.626’E,43° 2.472’N)

  4. I am very sorry, Rolando, but nothing was received here. Your submission did not show up in the forums nor in the spam folder.

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