Contest #153

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  1. Lansdowne bridge and Ayub arch bridge over the Indus River, near the cities of Sukkur and Rohri, Sindh Province, not far upstream from the Sikkur Barrage.

  2. Sukkur, Pakistan. This image was taken during the summer 2005 flooding. The island is connected via the Sukkur bridge (north) and the Landsdowne bridge (south). Southwest of the island is the Tomb of the 7 Sisters, a female-only allowed shrine to a group of 7 pious sisters who took refuge in a cave and then prayed to Allah to be saved from dishonor by a group of drunken soldiers. Allah responded by causing a cave-in and killing them before the soldiers could get to them.

  3. Este es el río Indo en Sukkur, Pakistán( 27°41’43.18″N, 68°53’16.51″E)

  4. The Indus River flowing through the town of Sukkur, Sindh Province, northern Pakistan.

    I wonder how much of this area, if any, is still above water…

  5. Searched for a map showing flooded areas in Pakistan. The map highlighted Sukkur, Pakistan, which is the answer. First guess, too.

    Come on over and play a scavenger hunt in google streetview at my game 😉

  6. Sukkur Fort, Sukkur, Pakistan

    (Rohri is on the south bank of the Indus river in this photo)

    I’m ashamed I didn’t get to this before the hint was posted. 😉

  7. Ayub bridge in sukkur… had a reaaaally hard time finding it!
    apparently it was recently destroyed by floods… too bad.

    Un pensamiento de fraternidad para toda la gente que ha sufrido de las intensas inundaciones. Es hora de tomar acciones fuertes contra el cambio climático.

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