Poll results

Thanks to all who gave their opinion in the poll.

There were 17 entries made, 16 of them in favour and one ‘No’. Unfortunately the ‘No’ had no comments, so I don’t know the reasoning behind it. It could be very valid, but it was not given.

But based on the results, it might be worth experimenting with the ‘Wednesday hint’, so let’s try it out in the next contests. My ideas, based on your reactions, are as follows:

  • The next contests (except the obvious easy ones) will get a ‘Wednesday hint’.
  • The hint will be published on Wednesday 0:00 GMT (UTC)
  • Correct answers submitted before the hint, will get 1 bonus point.
  • In some contests there will be an extra challenge which will give you an additional point (the former ‘+’)

Please feel free to comment.

One Reply to “Poll results”

  1. You could gauge how hard a certain location is by the number of responses by Wednesday.

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