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  1. Herengracht, Amsterdam, Holland

    Herengracht (Patricians’ Canal or Lord’s Canal) is the first of the three major canals in the city centre of Amsterdam. The canal is named after the heren regeerders who governed the city in the 16th and 17th century. The most fashionable part is called the GOLDEN BEND, with many double wide mansions, inner gardens and coach houses on Keizersgracht

  2. A canal in Amsterdam at the point called The Golden Bend, named because that’s where the richest people lived.

  3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, art district (Spiegelkwartier).

  4. Herengracht canal, Amsterdam. Section known as the Gouden Bocht, a neighborhood with larger lots, gardens and nice homes.

  5. Herengracht canal in Amsterdam, the Venice of the North. Location about lat. 52.3654 lon. 4.8911

  6. Gouden Bocht (“Golden Bend”) of the Herengracht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  7. This is the Herengracht canal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was built in 1612.

  8. I always spend a bunch of time on those island ones and never get them…

    This is the “golden bocht”, the golden arc of the Herengracht, with houses numbered 464-436 (between Vijzelstraat an Leidestraat), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  9. Amsterdam
    Herengracht canal
    grand Gouden Bocht (“Golden Bend”)
    The Gouden Bocht (“Golden Bend”) is the most prestigious part of Herengracht in Amsterdam, between Leidsestraat and Vijzelstraat.

    Never been there… but when the roof weren’t right for Venice… I suspected Amsterdam.

  10. Herengracht canal in Amsterdam

    Nickname might be Grachtengordel (canal district) or Mokum?

  11. Amsterdam. At center is Herengracht and the road on the right edge of the photo is Vijzelstraat. The location is known as the Golden Bend.

  12. This is the “Gouden Bocht”, or Golden Bend area of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  13. Amsterdam, Herengracht canal. The location is called Gouden Bocht (golden bend), because of the very prestigious palaces that

  14. It’s Amsterdam, around Vijzelstraat street. Although in the center of the image it’s the KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet), I suppose that the nickname asked it’s the “Golden Blend” because of the great wealth of owners who began building houses here in the 1660s.

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