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Contest #147

For an extra challenge: can you name the little green blob in the centre of the picture?


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  1. Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

  2. To the Bonus question:

    I think that must be the new Apple store:


  3. Part of Pudong District, Shanghai, China
    Tower visible is the Oriental Pearl Tower

  4. Lujiazui financial district, Pudong, Shanghai, China.
    The green blob is the entrance to an Apple Store.

  5. Shanghai, China
    ‘1930/40s downtown’ Shanghai (the Bund) west side of river, ‘Modern’ Shanghai east side of river. Truly amazing city.
    I’ll get back to you on the ‘green blob’…

  6. That’s Shanghai, but I can’t figure out the little green blob.

  7. This is the Pudong district in Shanghai. The tower is the Oriental Pearl Tower. 31┬░ 14? 31.2? N, 121┬░ 29? 42? E

    The little green blob is an Apple store.

  8. Shanghai over the Oriental Pearl Tower

  9. This is the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. The shadow of the distinctive Oriental Pearl Tower gave it away.

    I’m still working on the little green blob.

  10. Bonus question: Apple store

  11. Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai China

  12. This is the area around the Oriental Pearl Tower, in Shanghai, China.

  13. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai

    I’m not entirely sure, but the building under it appears to be the new shanghai apple store. A few photos from the opening show the tower directly in the background. (http://www.razorianfly.com/wp-content/uploads/36330-500.jpg)

  14. Seattle WA!

  15. Lujiazui financial district, Pudong, Shanghai, China.

    The green blob is the entrance to the new Apple Store, which was covered up during construction.

  16. The little green blob is the glass-topped, underground Apple store that just opened on July 8.

  17. Shanghai – the shadow of the Oriental Pearl Tower can be see extending out over the river.

  18. It’s the Lujiazui financial district in Shanghai.

  19. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China

  20. Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. The green blob is the snazzy looking new Apple Store that opened last week, topped by a 40 ft. high glass cylinder.

  21. Shanghai Pudong…and is that the new Apple Store?

  22. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai China

    Green blob is the tent hiding the Apple store in Shanghai while it was under construction. The store was opened July 10th.

  23. Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai, China

  24. Lujiazui,Shanghai I knew this one on sight. The green blob appears to be a construction covering over what is now the Apple store in the IFC towers/mall complex. (At least I hope it is) I learned a lot about the skyscrapers of Shanghai on this search.

  25. It’s Pudong area in Shanghai, China. And the little green blob is the Apple Store at IFC Mall.

  26. Shanghai, Lujiazui financial district

  27. I’m back… Took some time off to move house!

    This is Shanghai, China, Pudong St.
    The green blob is the “under construction” cover over the new Apple Store.


  28. ┬┐Legoland?

  29. This is the financial area of Shanghai and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

    The little green blob is the new Apple store at the IFC Towers.