Bonus Contest

Here is a real challenge for the diehards amongst you

When searching for locations suitable for my last ‘theme’, I came across this location. But of course I rejected it as being too hard. But it might be fun to see if someone manages to find it. The clue is already given.

2 Replies to “Bonus Contest”

  1. LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR) test station (Core Station 1) north of Exloo, Netherlands.

    Now, although I DID find this serendipitously by scanning around, I still need to recuse myself, since Karel once hinted to me in a private email about something (unspecified) he found somewhere around the Netherlands that he was thinking about posting. Since the terrain looked like something that ‘fit’ the general area and that hint, I decided to start looking in that region of the globe… 🙂

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