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  1. Recused!

    Name sounds like something they might’ve used on Star Trek TNG – Perhaps one of Locutus’ associates on the Cube ship?…

    Wait a minute now! – The Borg assimilated mechanical parts with biological ones – and Tycho Brahe was famous for his knowledge of astronomy and planetary observations AND his METALLIC NOSE!…

  2. Uraniborg — Tycho Brahe’s home on the island of Hven. The little star shaped area to the south and slightly west of the garden is Stjerneborg, Brahe’s underground observatory.

    This was a GOOD one!

  3. Uraniborg, Ven, Sweden

    Originally built by Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe in the late 1570s

  4. Uraniborg and Stjerneborg, Tycho Brahe’s palace-observatory. On the island of Hven, now part of Sweden.

    This one is so very cool. Thanks!

  5. Tycho Brahe’s observatory Uraniborg, island of Hven (Ven), Sweden

  6. This is Uraniborg, the observatory built by Tycho Brahe on the island of Hven just north of Copenhagen.

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