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  1. Recused!

    Name sounds like something they might’ve used on Star Trek TNG – Perhaps one of Locutus’ associates on the Cube ship?…

    Wait a minute now! – The Borg assimilated mechanical parts with biological ones – and Tycho Brahe was famous for his knowledge of astronomy and planetary observations AND his METALLIC NOSE!…

  2. Uraniborg — Tycho Brahe’s home on the island of Hven. The little star shaped area to the south and slightly west of the garden is Stjerneborg, Brahe’s underground observatory.

    This was a GOOD one!

  3. Uraniborg, Ven, Sweden

    Originally built by Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe in the late 1570s

  4. Uraniborg and Stjerneborg, Tycho Brahe’s palace-observatory. On the island of Hven, now part of Sweden.

    This one is so very cool. Thanks!

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